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TAL450SS Stainless Steel Label Dispenser

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Take-A-Label TAL-450SS Stainless Steel Label Dispenser
Part Number: 103M-TAL-450SS

4 1/2" Take-A-Label Stainless Steel Label Dispenser

The TAKE-A-LABEL Stainless Steel label dispensers are designed especially for controlled environments. These machines are made completely out of stainless steel and are designed for the medical, dairy and food industries. They provide the power and performance necessary for the most demanding applications.  The open peel plate design allows the user to run multiple labels on a common web to increase speed, while reducing label cost. The design also allows for faster dispensing since the label is fully exposed for fast removal.

As of 2019, the dispensers are on a new frame style. You can view the new frame style on the TAL-450PE. Only difference is that it's stainless steel.

Key Benefits

  • Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Open vertical peel edge will not trap labels and allows multiple labels on common liner to be dispensed.
  • Heavy duty motor with built in overload protection.

Optional equipment include a Fan Fold Adapter, Random Ink Imprinter, and Label Counter. Call or email for more details.


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