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Tie-Matic HD38 Plus

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Optimal for twist tying bags of baked goods, bread, tortillas, cookies, candy, popcorn, and even cake pops. The Tie-Matic twist-ties lots of other popular products, including cords, cables, fiber optics, wire harnesses, and medical tubing. Save the wrist, 5-10X Faster than hand a hand twist.
Part Number: 185M-HD38-PLUS

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Plas-ties Tie-Matic HD38-PLUS Twist Tie Machine

Save the wrist - Use the twist. Work faster and smarter!

Are you tired of twisting by hand? Are you looking for a better way to close your bags of bread? Work smarter, not harder by using automatic twist tying machines.

Plasties' twist tie machines are widely used by bakeries around the world to speed up production and achieve consistent, secure twist ties on poly bags. If you are twist tying over 100 bags a day, an automatic tying machine will help you to work more efficiently, increase your productivity, and have less wrist fatigue.

The portable, efficient Tie-Matic increases productivity while eliminating employee complaints and fatigue. Work five times faster than tedious hand tying. A wide choice of industrial semi-automated models are available. Handles up to 3/8" diameter necks. The new Heavy Duty series is capable of speeds up to 60 ties per minute. Made in the USA and built to last.

Twist Tying Applications:

  • Bakery Products: Bread / Tortillas / Tostadas / Rolls
  • Snack Foods (cookies, crackers, etc.)
  • Dairy Products, poultry & meat
  • Bulk Packaging (spices, tea, pasta, candy…)
  • Plastic & Paper Products (cups, plates…)
  • Wires / Cables
  • Medical / Plastic Tubes (inside poly bag)
  • Hardware (nuts, bolts, screws…)


  • 60 Ties per minute
  • 2 1/2 Full Twists
  • Heavy duty, all metal frame
  • Production Counter
  • UL Listed & C.E. Certified
  • 110V or 220V motors

Optional stand available for ease of operation and better placement. The word is ERGONOMICS! The name of the game is to find the most productive process with the minimal operator fatigue. Plas-ties meets the challenge head on. The NEW improved Heavy Duty series machines are faster than the 600 series and utilize a switch to trigger the machine versus manpower to trigger the machine.

Need a date code?  If you want to add it to a new machine, click yes for adding a printer.  The cost is much higher to add to older machines.

Check out the Digital Ink Jet Printer

Item #185A-A401870 (If you want to add to existing machines.)

Make sure to register your machine online with the manufacturer after purchase to get the full warranty available at www.plasties.com. We do not offer loaner machines under warranty. All loaner machines acquired through the factory under warranty are done so between you and Plasties. Over the years improvements to the design of the machine have evolved starting with the Model 501, then the Model 603, followed by the HD38, and now the HD38-Plus.

The best material is the 27 gauge wire in either paper/paper, paper/plastic, or plastic/plastic.

Is there really a big TIME savings over hand tying??? Click here for more info.

So how much do you save in Employee Cost? Click here for a chart.

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