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ULI Adhesive Tape Dispenser

Your Price: $945.00
3" Cyklop ULI Adhesive Tape Dispenser
Part Number: 434M-ULI

Cyklop ULI Adhesive Tape Dispenser

ULI is a semi-automatic electronic dispenser that cuts repetitive pieces of predetermined lengths of tape.  The dispensing speed is over 45 feet per minute.  The ULI is great for short pieces of tape for appliance manufacturing, binding cord and wires, closing poly bags ,, or manually "L" clipping. The ULI is also great for sealing mailer boxes and manila envelopes.

The ULI offers a unique way of dispensing tape by only dispensing about two inches of tape for the operator. When the operator lifts and pulls on the tape the rest of the length is dispensed.  The operator than tears the tape along the serrated blade to cut and remove.  To set the length the operator presses the plus or minus button using the LED display.

The ULI offers a toothed blade for cutting PP, PVC, transparent, bio-adhesive, and reinforced pressure sensitive tapes.  For safety the ULI offers a safety cover micro switch to shut off the dispenser if the cover is lifted.  Another safety feature is the blade lock out that prevents users from potential cuts from an exposed blade.

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