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Better Packages BP333

Water Moistening Parts

By holding your mouse over the part, the number will appear.

  Part # Description
 FF12B Old Style "Liquor Flask" Water Bottle (not available)*
 FF6100 Large 1 Liter Bottle
 FF6150 Large 1 Liter Bottle Retro-fit Kit w/Brackets
 FM6AXX Water Tank
 PW107AK Moistening Brushes (Set of 2)
BP333 Heater

Just the Heater.

Part #FM55PXXX

BP333 Heater install kit.


(includes shear guide rollers, cord retainer, and install instructions.)

Better Pack BP333 Heater Kit

*Machines can be converted to the newer style bottle. A hole must be drilled into the side frame. Use part FF6150.
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