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Better Packages

BP555e Inside Yoke Area

Hold your mouse over the part to get either a part number or a better web page. Visit the parts category to get more info on the individual parts.

  Part Number Description
E555-019-01 Vertical Tie Plate Assembly
E555-023-01 Connector Plate Assembly
E555-024-00 Tape Drive Shaft
E555-024-01 Tape Drive Shaft Assembly (Includes Upper Feed Wheel.
E555-032-00 Water Tank Shelf
Discontinued E555-046-01 Encoder Disc Assy - Old Metal Type 
E555-049-01 Yoke & Cutter Assembly
E555-051-01 Tape Roller Assembly
E555-053-01 Idler Shaft Assembly
E555-065-00 Upper Feed Wheel
E555-068-01 Cable Assembly
E555-074-00 Cutter Spring with Shock Absorber
E555-075-01 Magnetic Proximity Switch Assembly
E555-078-00 Cutter Lift Link
  E555-082-01 Stop Shaft Assembly
E555-083-01 Safety Baffle "L" Shaped New Style
E555-137-01 Lower Tape Plate Assembly
E555-150-00 Encoder Disc (Plastic - New Style)
E555-241-01 Impression Roller Assembly
E585C Cutter Spring
FM20BXK Cutter Shear Kit
ND114A Feed Wheel Sprocket
PW77X Upper Feed Wheel (Metal - Old Style)
ST-2341 Fuse
ST-2345 Retaining Ring
ST-2440 Screw
WK20 Retaining Washer
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