Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a financial estimate that is determined by the direct and indirect costs of a product or service over its useful life. It's a management accounting concept that includes the purchase price of an asset and the costs of operations. TCO is important when comparing product investment options to gauge the best value."

TCO of ink jet systems include the purchase price, the set-up installation, training, maintenance, downtime cost, and especially the ink jet cartridges (number of prints, shelf life, installed life, shipping, and availability when needed). Consideration is then compared with the current method of coding or extra steps involved.

How easy can the ink jet unit be programmed with a new message? What are the available ways to program the message? Phone, tablet, computer, keyboard, or all? Is an English speaking support team available via phone or video conference?

With cartridges, a non-porous ink jet cartridge doesn't last as long as a porous one since the ink is fast drying and tends to clog the ink jet ports if not stored properly. Shipping can also be expensive since non-porous cartridges are considered hazardous and require special hazmat shipping charges when shipped via air. Ground shipping is economical, and often we offer free shipping on our website.

Some companies will sell ink jet units at a low cost and make it up with the profits from the ink jet cartridges. Some companies will sell ink jet systems but offer little or no customer training and support.

The MSSC brand has a fair up-front price, with a long-term life span, a spread out TCO, and includes excellent customer service both from the factory and our support team. We stock the consumable products, have video and phone customer support and work through the project to get the best solution over the long run.

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