Dispensamatic U-45 Microswitch Model

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U45 Label Dispenser loose parts

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  Part No. Description
   135P-16105MS  Microswitch Housing Assembly* 
   135P-45120  115V H.T. Motor 5/16” Shaft (2951) 50 rpm U-45
   135P-45220  115V/230V Motor 5/16” Shaft (2985)
 (High Speed 90 rpm for the U-45HS)
   135P-16121  115V Toggle Switch
 Call to Order  135P-16122  230V Toggle Switch
   135P-16125  115V Power Cord
   135P-16126-1  Circuit Board 115v
   135P-16130  Black Motor Housing
   135P-16190  Motor Spacing
   135P-45150  1/2” Rubber Foot (1 per machine)
   135P-45151  3/16” Rubber Foot (2 per machine)
   135P-45160  Side Frame
   135P-45170  5 ¼” Long Chrome Rod (2 per machine) for U-45
   135P-45171  Rod Holder Spacer
   135P-45172  1” Collar for Roll Holder With Thumb Screw
   135P-45176  Side Guide With Thumb Screw for the U-45
   135P-45200  Take Up Spool for the U-45
   135P-45201  Core Inserts
   135P-45202  Spring Clip for the U-45
   135P-45205  1/8” Housing Spacer
   135P-45206  ¼” Housing Spacer
   135P-452501  Dispensing Table for the U-45
   135P-452501-s  Dispensing Table (Sharp Edge) for the U-45
   135P-452502  4 9/16” Table Rod above Dispensing Table for U-45
   135P-45001  Large Roll Adapter (OPTIONAL)

*If you are replacing a micro-switch for a dispenser manufactured with a circuit board prior to March 2024 you will need to order a conversion kit. The manufacturer of the sensor stopped producing the sensor and Dispensamatic had to replace the sensor with a better sensor. We recommend ordering the conversion kit that includes a new board and microswitch. If you are trying to replace a switch that doesn't have a circuit board and is wired in with wire nuts, you will need to update your dispenser with the Micro-switch conversion kit. Click here for the conversion kit.

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