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AIE450FC Bag Maker with Cutter

Your Price: $673.00
AIE450FC 18", 2mm Bag Maker with Cutter
Part Number: 115M-AIE450FC

AIE450FC 18", 2mm Bag Maker

Pull, cut, slide, fill, and seal.

Make bags to size out of poly roll stock fast and easy up to 18 inches in width. No need to keep dozens of different size bags in stock and waste time looking for the right sized bag.. By reducing the number of choices, operators work faster. 

Sealing multiple items in a single bags insures everything gets to the destination. The sliding cutter aids the operator in cutting off excess material down to 1/4" from the seal. The adjustable sealing head sets to a 30 degree angle which aids in sealing bags containing liquids, powders, small parts, etc.

The AIE-450FC model is simple to use. Pull the amount you need off the roll, press the foot pedal, slide the cutter, release the pedal, and you have a bag. The standard unit comes with an adjustable timing knob for materials from 1mil up to 6mil. Set the timing longer to seal thicker stock. Single rolls are best on the holder, multiple rolls are best mounted behind the sealer like the above .gif. We use a metal pipe to hold 5 different widths for fast and easy access.

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