Whether you're required to print an expiration date, or want to convey certain information, we have a coding solution that can grow with your business.

Automatic - Ink Jet

With many operations, automatic ink jet is the best way to code and identify. If you can spare the expense for the machine, this machine will give you the expiration dates you see on so many of your food products. This type of coding application will give you cleanly printed codes with minimum ink usage. 


MSSC offers two great stand alone units. The Smart-Jet Blue uses HP technology for high resolution coding. The QM7500 (aka Unicorn) is a one line large character unit using ink bottle reservoirs for low cost, high mileage coding solution.

What if your operation uses gummed tape to seal its' cartons?

Another method for coding your cartons may be to code the tape. (This method is not available for pressure sensitive tape) The CodeTaper #6 by Better Packages offers a great low cost method for printing as tape is dispensed! Great for lot numbers, expiration dates, use by dates, and info like describing the flavor of the contents in a generic box. We have also adapted our ink jet printers to several models. Print expiration dates on the tape!


We also offer a full line of coding supplies. Check out some of our supplies by clicking on the link below.

Supplies for the Tape Dispenser Printing Devices: Letters and numbers, or ink.

Automatic - Low end

A system where the roller coder is mounted on a conveyor, usually in conjunction with a case sealer.

Universal Marking offers both porous and non-porous conveyor line coders. Small, medium, and large coders are available with an optional ink bottle supply.
Kiwi Coders offer several models for the porous type application. The Kiwi units are very durable and offer years of service with minimal maintenance.

Manual, but faster

The next step in coding is to use a hand held roller stamper system. These devices are hand held markers with a "print roller" and inking system.  The message is mounted on the print roller and the operator marks cartons by "rolling" the coder along the carton. Models are available with or without the optional indexing. Ink rollers are pre-inked and available in Red, Black, Blue and Green.

Roll your messages with Universal Marking

These units are great for packaging departments with assorted different size cartons requiring the same message printed on the side of the carton randomly.

To manually stencil, the Marsh POGO is still one of the best ways to address or mark multiple cartons or pallets for shipping.

Marsh Stencil Machines are still favored for cutting messages into oil board for inking onto cartons, pipes, buckets, drums, etc. Available in 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" models.

Manual, basic

We start with the cheapest form of coding messages, dates, and other information. We offer the option of a hand held stamper with sets of RIBtype® logos, single sorts of letters and or numbers, and date sets with ink pads. The operator determines the message, mounts the assorted letters and/or logos, inks the message, and stamps the item or package. Simple, but might be time consuming depending upon quantity and change of message. (Self inking system available on some sizes).

For hand stamps above 4 1/4" width, we recommend changing from a "flat" surface stamper to a "rocker" mount.  This prevents the center from not inking and stamping properly.

Call or email specifics on message size, etc. to our sales department by clicking here.

Manual, Very Manual

We offer Disposable Markers for the plain basic "I write it down" marking system. This sometimes is challenging when the receiver or customer has a difficult time deciphering the message as written by the shipper. Markers are offered by MSSC (Marsh).

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