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M1000E 2" PST Dispenser Dual

Your Price: $725.00
M1000E 2" PST Dispenser Dual
Part Number: 195M-ZCM1000E

Start International ELM Series

Model M1000E

The zcM1000E dispenses two rolls of tape at once. The cutting head has dual photo sensors and cores for each individual roll of tape.

Not all dispensers are equal. The M1000E sets the standard for quality, and others joined in to mimic and copy. How to tell the difference? Check for the Start Hologram Label to ensure you get the REAL M1000E manufactured by ELM.

Over the years Start International has taken the standard dispenser and modified it to handle an assortment of different types of pressure sensitive tapes and materials. The best way to determine the best unit is to fill out a material evaluation sheet and forward a sample roll of material to us for testing.

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