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Shown with optional ink roller cover.
Shown with optional ink roller cover.

Porous Conveyor Line Printer

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Porous Conveyor Line Printer
Part Number: 108M-CLP

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Roller Coders are best for continuous printing of the same message over and over!

Are you printing the same information on your cartons, but need an alternative solutions to the expensive ink jet systems?

Universal Conveyor Line Printers: The CLP Coders feature the largest print areas of any of our contact roll coders for printing on porous surfaces, are available in 4 different print widths, and feature18.0" circumference print drums.

For your letters and numbers click here.  We also do custom mats.  Call or email for details. For Universal Inks to keep your unit printing, click here.

These machines are designed for extreme durability in high volume production printing applications. Optional reservoir roll covers accept our patented 4 oz. disposable ink cartridges which feed ink to the ink rolls automatically during production.

Non-indexing models have print drums which rotate freely on sealed ball bearings and print at random starting positions on cartons. These models are normally recommended for high speed conveyor lines where little or no space exists between cartons. In these applications, the print drum always remains in contact with a carton surface, and the code information is printed at an interval equal to the print drum circumference (18.0"). Print repeat intervals can be reduced by installing multiple sets of dies on the print drum.

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