TAL-250, TAL-450, & TAL-750HD

Since the 1970s, TAKE-A-LABEL has manufactured its primary line of label dispensers in the USA. This includes the TAL-250, TAL-450, and TAL-750HD. Each of these units has gone through numerous improvements. Including the addition of photo eyes, stainless steel construction, and a circuit board. Throughout this process, it has been our goal to build a durable, high-quality, label dispenser. If you apply your labels by hand, the addition of any TAKE-A-LABEL dispenser will increase productivity, and reduce waste.

Standard Features:

  • Waste Rewind Feature
  • Core size 1” or 3”
  • Vertical Peel Plate Design for efficient label removal 
  • Heavy Duty Motor
  • Max Roll Diameter 12"
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame with powder coated finish

Options to Add:

Our most common option to add is the addition of the Photo Eye replaces the mechanical trip wire system for detecting the dispensed label.  This improves reliability and longevity of the unit. The TAL-750HD has a Photo Eye installed as a standard. 

Available in stainless steel for those environments where harsh chemicals may need to be used to clean.  The stainless steel version also includes the photo eye as a standard feature.

If you need to print a date, lot code, or other variable information on a label, prior to it being dispensed, this system was designed for you.  With a color LCD display on the inkjet, inputting information with the wireless keyboard is simple and easy. With the ability to print up to 6 lines at 300x300 DPI, this  coder is the solution to your label coding needs. Only available for the 450, & 750HD.
Do you work in a warm environment or have high humidity? Do you have issues with machines overheating? Adding the Heavy Duty Cooling fan will greatly increase airflow across the motor. This secondary fan will run anytime the unit is powered on.

In cases where Fan Fold Labels are used we can add a brush to create the tension needed to dispense these labels. 

Need to keep track of how many labels have been applied? Adding a label counter will make tracking progress simple and easy.

12" roll of labels not big enough? Adding our 18" roll adapter will get the job done. Shown to right is a 12" roll of labels on the 18" adapter. 

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