Why Is My Impulse Sealer Not Working?

An impulse sealer or a heat sealer as some of you might know it is a device that’s quite obvious to its name. The device is used to seal thermoplastic materials.

Used mostly as a way to package things up, impulse sealers have gained popularity in the industrial arena. Due to their ease of use, ergonomic design, flexibility and comparatively lower costs, they have proved themselves revolutionary for packaging.

However, even the best of us have some bad days and so does the impulse sealer. Now, many of you who might be familiar with the impulse sealer might face some problems with the sealer at times. However, the good old impulse sealer fights the way through that hiccup and gets back to work.

So, are you facing some issues with your impulse sealer as well? Well, let’s get to know a bit about this machine, how they work and what might be the possible reason for the issue.

How Do Impulse Sealers Work?

Impulse sealers consist of a few elements that are combined together to complete the entire sealing process.

The main element that helps the sealer generate heat is a wire that heats up. This heated wire helps generate heat which in turn seals the thermoplastic. The element in the jaws of the sealer is usually made of a highly heat resistant element which dies not melt when the heat passes through it.

Heat in the sealer is generated through electricity. The heat generates isn’t constant and only flows through the sealer when the user applies pressure and puts an object in the middle.

Advantages of an Impulse Sealer

As the name suggests, impulse sealers give you the required amount of heat in a short span of time. 

  1. They use lower amounts of voltage and do not require time to warm up as their siblings, the heat sealers.

  2. The technically no warm-up time allows the heat sealers to consume a lesser amount of voltage, hence reducing your electricity consumption in the long run.
  3. The fewer technicalities and ease of use does not require the user to have the proper technical know-how. A few precautionary measures and minimal training can help do the job.
  4. The smaller versions of impulse sealers (portable, hand sealers) give you a higher degree of flexibility as they are easy to move around.

These advantages of our humble impulse sealers make them a perfect addition to our toolkit of packaging equipment.

Types of Impulse Sealers

Impulse sealers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you are someone who constantly uses a set of impulse sealers, then you should probably know about these different types of impulse sealers.

  • Portable Impulse Sealers: The portable impulse sealers are very light in weight. They are very handy and easy to use. Their smaller size and ease of use helps you work in a smaller area. However, it’s small size limits it’s scope of operations.

  • Hand Sealers: These might as well be the most popular and practical type of impulse sealer. The handle of the impulse sealer is lowered manually which in turn applies pressure and seals the object. Their size varies from 4 inches to 40 inches. Hand sealers usually have a capacity of 6 to 15 packets a minute.

  • Foot Sealers: These impulse sealers are foot-operated which gives more independence to your hands. The sealer varies from 12 inches to 35 inches. They usually have a capacity of 8 to 20 packets a minute.

  • Auto Sealers: Automatic sealers have a very fast pace of operation. Automatic sealers have a continuous automatic motion that gives a sealed pack at a fixed interval of time. Their automatic set of motion allows them to seal more than any of its counterparts. It can seal 10-30 packages in a minute.

Impulse Sealer Not Working? These Might Be The Problems

At Pro Pack Solutions, we live and breathe the impulse sealers.

Being in the packaging business, we know what are the usual issues that our customers face with their impulse sealers. Keeping those complaints in mind, here are some of the issues that we think should be addressed with relation to your impulse sealer.

Usually, we see that it’s the wire that causes the sealer to malfunction. The other common issue is the wearing-off of the PTFE cover. Let’s look at some of the most common issues faced while using an impulse sealer:

  • Wire Trouble: The heating wire or the element might have broken or gotten damaged. Remove the PTFE cover and ensure that the wire isn’t bent, broken or discoloured.

  • Timer Light: The timer light should be turned on when the sealer comes down. If it doesn’t, there might be some issue with the circuits and the wires. Make sure to check the wiring.

  • Microswitch: The microswitch is the component which completes the entire electric circuit and initiates the heating process in the impulse sealer. The way to ensure that it works is to hear a “click” sound when you bring the handle down.

In most hand sealers, try bending the metal lever a bit, this will help the lever make contact with a microswitch and might help with the “click”.

  • PTFE Cover: The PTFE cover should be replaced as it has a high chance of coming in contact with the wire. You might observe the cover turning black where it came in contact with the wire or the element.

    Moreover, the element might stick to your thermoplastic as well. Change the cover if it is hampering your operational efficiency.
  • Mounting Spring: Most of the impulse sealers have the element wire loaded on the spring. Make sure that the spring is working fine. Ensure that there is no rust as it might hamper the heat conduction process.

Impulse Sealer Not Working? We Got Your Back!

When you are in a business that uses an impulse sealer, there’s a chance that it might be for packaging stuff. So, when your package gets hampered, your product quality gets hampered, and hence your sales drop.

Now, without exaggerating the entire issue, the impulse sealer turns out to be a very important component of your packaging process, and we know that.

Witness Our Wide Variety of Impulse Sealers Here.

Hence, we at Pro Pack Solutions give you a seamless experience when it comes to providing the best solution to your broken-down impulse sealer. Whatever the issue be, we are pretty sure that we can fix it.

So, don’t hesitate and visit www.propacksolutions.com today for all your packaging solution needs.

Happy Packaging To You!

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