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KS-FS805 31.5" Automatic Foot Sealer 5 mm

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KS-FS805 31.5" Automatic Foot Sealer 5 mm
Part Number: 161M-KS-FS805

KS-FS805 31.5" Automatic Foot Sealer 5 mm

Automatic foot impulse sealer ideal for high volume poly bag and other thermoplastic sealing.  This sealer allows you to keep both hands free for quicker and more accurate sealing.  The unit operates on impulse sealing and is controlled by a circuit board.  The sealer is equipped with a digital display for easy timer settings.  Once correct settings have been established, consistent seals will be maintained automatically.  KS-FS models are the only standalone automatic foot sealer which does not require a tabletop to place the sealer.


  • Impulse sealing - no warm up time needed
  • Digital display
  • Dual mode operation: automatic or manual 
  • Foot switch allows a hands free operation
  • Standalone unit with no need for table top


Set the sealing (heat), congealing (cool), and recycle (auto) time based on the thickness of your material.  Once the settings have been determined, press A/M to initiate the automatic operation of your sealer.  The sealer can also operate in manual mode using the foot switch.

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