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E107X Moistening Brush Assembly

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Moistening Brushes
Part Number: 123P-E107X

E107X Moistening Brushes (set of 3).

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Fits Better Pack BP500. This brush was also used on other machines built prior to 1999: BP555S and L series, BP556, and BP554 models.

If you have a BP555e series machine (built 1999 to present day), you will need 123P-E555-132-01. If you have a BP333, you will need 123P-PW107AK

We recommend removing the tank and brushes every week or two and cleaning the brushes with a mild dish-washing detergent like Dawn or Ivory.  Avoid using detergents with additives for keeping your hands soft as many of them contain oils.  Rinse well and when putting the brushes back into the water tank, make sure the high points are facing in the same direction to the front of the tank.  There should be a cotter pin holding the brushes together.

If after cleaning the brushes you are unable to remove any dried glues, replace.  Good brushes work only when they are able to 'scratch' into the hardened dried glues so the water can penetrate and reactivate the adhesives on the tape.  If the water does not penetrate the glues, the tape will slide and not stick to the carton surface. Some companies will offer "recondition" sets but I wouldn't waste good money on a part that is so important in making tape stick.

The set of brushes include three tapered brushes held together with a cotter pin. In the event the cotter pin is removed assemble the three brushes with all the high point to the right, then put the cotter pin back in from the low side.

Brushes should be replaced every 3-5 years for best results.

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