TD2100 Electric Taper Improvements

MSSC is committed to constantly improving their products so that customers get the best value for their money. Below are the enhancements they have made to the electric tape dispensers to make them more reliable than ever.

IEC Connector w/ Fuse

MSSC moved to an IEC connector to allow customers to choose the proper power cord for their electrical requirements. The fused IEC socket protects the machine from electronic failure. These changes are being implemented now in models: TDE110, TDE220, and the different premium models. Changes to the TDH110 and TDH220 will roll out in February 2019. The 110V models will come with a 6.5 ft. cord and US style plug while the 220V machines will not be shipped with a cord/plug.

Motor Brake

MSSC added an additional ribbing structure to the motor brake mechanism. This change reduces motor failure in high use environments.

Solenoid Linkage Assembly

The shoulder bolt diameter increased to 1/4" to withstand a greater amount of cutting cycles. A rue pin fastener, washer, and revised spacing will provide a more secure assembly for high frequency cutting cycles. Double loop solenoid springs and formed chassis hooks were added to reduce wear and to maintain consistent spring location.

Flapper Rod / Brush Tank Cover Assembly

The flapper rod material changed to stainless steel to prevent corrosion near the movable blade bushings. This will allow for smooth cutting action and prevent the bushings from seizing after years of use.

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